The Wild Wild West!

Commentaries on the Times

A Texas Sherrif Vowing to Capture Outlaws

On Hate Media, Gun Worship, and Domestic Terrorism

If one gives only a causal listening to the hateful rhetoric emanating from the media shills of the Republican right, accompanied by the unending panegyric to the virtues of guns, which has become a fetish and a rite of passage into manhood for a large section of American males – mostly white – the murders of multiple high ranking law enforcement officials seems a logical outcome.  As the bible says: “Ye shall reap what ye sow!”

Although they will all run for cover and attempt to wash their hands of this growing menace to our justice system – which has resulted in the murder of the Director of Prisons in Colorado and two prosecutors and a wife in Texas _ the systematic slaughter of government officials seems to me a logical outcome of the hatred…

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